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I got a dig bick. You that read wrong. You read that wrong too. well since we settled that I cannot type, why don't you turn up your volume and let's talk. I am better at using my mouth, wink wink. Aaand if you like what you see too, there's no barrier between your finger and the click on that BIG LONG YELLOW BUTTON. See you there. Btw, I am Vicky. Cheers!

I like: I am a woman most of all, and as hard as it is to find out what a woman wants, I'll just put out some hints for you: be respectful, cherish my mind, cherish my body, be passionate, loving, caring and that is the way to get to my heart.

I don't like: There are some things I won't like to see in my room and those would be: disrespecting my room rules, my friends or ME. Those things are a sure BAN so be nice and all will be just fine.

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