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Never have I been called a girly girl and I'm fine with that. I like living life in the edge and rocking all the way. People say I'm polished enough... Well, I'm polish remover! The kind of girl you sneak out at night to have a couple of beers and wake up tangled in my sheets.

I like: I love videogames, comics, movies, tv series, anime... you name it, I love it all! Lovers who are not afraid to step into the wild side of life and have everlasting memories of that "Crazy Night". Friends who speak their minds and laugh at random stuff just because is funny. I want a man who shares my love of animals and enjoying the small interesting things of the world.

I don't like: I hate bad viogame players, or rather bad losers... online or in life, If you can´t handle defeat you cannot become a better version of yourself. People who think is funny being mean to animals or to other people, you are no better than any form of life in the world. And don´t get me started on the people who think they own me just because they compliment me... *insert swear word here*

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